Professional Golf Club Repairs, Replacement Shafts, Grips, MOT service.

The Club Builder

Serving North Wales, Flintshire, Cheshire.

close-up photography of gray club set on bag
close-up photography of gray club set on bag

Don't go buying new clubs until you've had your clubs expertly checked.

We offer golfers a unique service assisting with their existing clubs, our GCA Master club builder can help you maximise your potential by reducing equipment induced errors, get your existing clubs checked before you unnecessarily spend on new clubs.

Putter Alterations

We offer putter alterations to length, loft, lie angle, weight, balance plus new grips.

Working with you to create a putter that feels like an extension of your arm!

Golf Club Repairs

From replacement shafts to loft and lie adjustments, contact us for a wide range of golf club repairs.

Trust us to fix your clubs and get them back in your hands quickly!

Spine Align Golf Shafts...

Now you can finally get your clubs performing as they should, no more equipment induced errors, no more fighting the clubs tendency.....

Golf Club MOT Checks

Our MOT check measures your club’s

  • real shaft flexes,

  • swing weights,

  • lofts and lie angles,

  • grip sizing,

  • shaft bend profiles,

  • shaft’s spine alignment,

  • club lengths.

    Using Digital and Laser measuring equipment your clubs will be checked with the most accurate readings.

    Discover why you love some clubs and not others, our MOT checks will reveal all!

Golf shaft flexes vary massively, we’ve seen shafts sold as Stiff flex that are actually Senior flex!!!!!...

Our Story

Run by GCA Master Club Builder Gary Pickering, whose professional approach is well known in the North West region. Gary was originally trained in Architecture so has a very good eye for detail, with a passion for golf particularly the technical aspects of clubs.

Gary has worked with all levels of golfer from beginner to professional, he understand golfers needs helping them improve.

Recently moved from Shropshire to Llandudno, North Wales, we are well positioned to help golfers in the North West region.

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