Get Your Golf Club MOT and Improve Your Swing Performance

Players understandably presume that because they've bought all the same flex clubs that they all match and will play the same,


What is a golf club MOT check......

Using the latest digital measuring equipment we can check each individual clubs -

Shaft flex

Shaft spines

Loft and lie angles

We can measure the real flex of your clubs, which may well surprise you versus what they say they are!. Using digital shaft frequency analysers each club you play can be checked and compared to each other.

If you’ve always wondered why you particularly like a club or cannot use a club then the flex may be the reason.

Due to manufacturing variances in tolerance and an industry which has poor standards for flex its very possible you could be playing clubs that are two flexes different to what they say they are.

All shafts have spines, which influence how the shaft will load and unload the energy you put into your swing, a poorly aligned shaft spine will result in a loss of distance, poor direction, poor shot dispersion.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a shaft it will have a spine, graphite shafts suffer issues more than steel, given the clubs designed to hit the ball furthest ie driver, fairways, hybrids have graphite shafts its imperative you get yours checked so you can be sure any bad shots are down to you the player not a club induced error.

Golf’s hard enough without your equipment making it more difficult!

Your irons, wedges and putter lofts can be checked to ensure they are correct, lofts that are wrong will effect your club yardage gapping, lie angles that are wrong will effect your direction, causing misses either left or right especially the more lofted the club ie wedges.

It’s not uncommon to see irons that direct from the manufacturer are wrong! Clubs can also alter due to practice, particularly if you use mats, the lofts can alter.

Over time clubs can get knocked out of specification due to damage, bags falling over, airport transfers etc.

If you’ve a club you seem to hit better than others, checking the loft and lies can give an indicator why.

NOTE, Changes to clubs length will effect the lie angles. Second hand clubs may have been altered in the past, unfortunately their history doesn’t always get passed on.

Club swing weight

Club lengths

Grip sizes

Club swing weights a very important feature of every club in your bag, essentially its a measure of how head heavy a club feels, which can affect your tempo, rhythm and swing plane. Its important that your irons, woods, wedges, hybrids (putters are different) are matched in swing weight to each other, you don't want some heavier or lighter than others.

The swing weights should be factory set, but often a player buys a mixture of clubs (maybe even the same brand) but they differ in swing weight, also any alterations to club lengths, lie angles, grip choice and sizing will have an effect on swing weights.

In most cases the swing weights can be recalibrated to give a matched set.

Your club lengths should be the right length to suit you as a player, to often we see irons and wedges that the lengths aren't what they should be, its especially true of second hand clubs, which may well have had some poor quality repairs, or previous customisation.

Fortunately the lengths can be adjusted either shortened or lengthened without the need for new shafts.

Lie angles on irons are effected by length changes, which effects shot direction.

Grip sizes vary from undersized to standard, mid sized, over sized, all of which can vary from grip model to model, also grip sizes can be tweaked larger by having additional layers of grip tape applied under the grips, (we've lost count of how many grips we've removed to find multiple layers of grips tape under the grip, when the player thought they only had 1 layer, lazy regrouping causes this, not taking the time to remove the old grip tape!!)

Another pet hate of ours is grips that are not aligned correctly, so often we see both putter grips and irons / wood grips that are misaligned, this WILL cause you to aim incorrectly!, Fortunately most grips can be removed an realigned saving you the cost of new.

Grip sizing effects your club release, power, shot shape get the wrong size will cause unnecessary grip tension.

Shaft bend profiles

Shaft condition

Analysis report

All shafts have a bend profile, with the exception of a putter the bend profile needs to be the correct type for your swing, it effects shot height, back spin rates, power release.

Shafts have an overall flex which most players will have heard ie R for Regular, S for Stiff, but bend profile relates to how the shaft performs along its length, think of a shaft in 1/3rd sections, the lower section (near the head) is the tip section, then there's the Mid section, and the Butt section under the grip, each section can be built anything from soft to stiff, the shaft manufacturer designs the shaft to have different playing characteristics.

You as a player MUST have the correct type and your set must match that type. If not you will definitely suffer poor results.

Shaft condition is checked, graphite shafts can break due to worn outer surfaces or fractures in the graphite.

Caught early on some remedies can be made to reduce the shaft wear, extending the clubs life.

Steel shafts in irons and putters can also fracture due to rust, but tend to suffer from bends out of straight, (bags falling over, airport transports, even damage due to player tempers!) the effects can dramatically alter the clubs loft or lie angles.

Some slight bends in steel can be straightened without the need for new shafts.

Upon completion of the Clubs MOT check we will provide you with a written report, detailing what we’ve found, highlighting any areas you need to be aware of, the likely outcomes of the issues, which may ring true to your results on course!

We will always tell you the truth about your clubs, if they are perfect then we will tell you, the club MOT check is NOT a money maker scheme, we want you to know the facts as they are, that’s why the check is chargeable its not a quick free look over, its a time consuming professional analysis by a Master club builder.

Honesty is our motto, trust us with your clubs for the truth, no scams.


Charges for the complete MOT service, includes player questionnaire, written summary report.

1 Club - £25.00

3 Woods - £60.00

Set of Irons (Max 10 clubs) - £100.00

Bag of clubs (Max 14 clubs) - £140.00