We offer a unique service for golfers searching for assistance with their putting, we combine the knowledge of our GCA Master Club Builder with that of extensive golf equipment design plus deep understanding of the putting stroke.

Now you can get a putter that works with you not against you.

Perfect Your Putting with Expert Putter Fitting

The most used club in your bag, deserves to be right for you...

Expert advise and support...

Our 1 to 1 fitting service helps assess your putting routine and technique, plus the correct fitment for your putter.

We determine the correct type (face balanced or toe hanging head design), the correct length, loft, lie angle, club weight, club balance, grip type and size, all so you can perform your best on the green.

43% a round of golf is with a putter, make sure yours is the correct type and size, otherwise your losing shots.

With over 20 years experience in golf club building we will look far more in depth at your putters characteristics, your needs, each element is important.

Far to often we see players who's previous putter buying experience was little more than try a few out on the practice green then make your choice from those tried!

This is NOT good enough, your game and your wallet deserve better.

What about your routine and technique ...

Putting is one of the most critical aspects of golf, and evaluating your putting routine and technique can help you improve your game.

During a 1 to 1 putter fitting session we will observe your stance, grip, aim, and stroke, then based on our observations we will provide you with feedback and recommendations for -

Any putter adjustments,

Changing your stance or grip,

Altering the tempo of your stroke,

Improve your aim,

Correct your putter stroke path both back and forward.

Evaluating your putting technique can help you identify weaknesses in your game and develop a more consistent and effective putting style.

With a solid routine and practice, you can improve your putting skills and ultimately lower your score on the golf course.

Using the accuracy of digital technology, your putters actual loft and lie angles, weight, balance, length, grip size and type, all will be measured and compared to your required settings. Often we can adjust your existing putter.