Spine Align Your Golf Shafts

Maximize Your Golf Game with Tighter Shot Dispersion and Increased Distance

What is a golf shaft spine?

A golf shaft spine is a consequence of how golf shafts are made, irrespective of price be it a very expensive shaft or not they all have them.

By measuring the force required to bend a shaft, taking readings through a full 360 degrees rotation of the shaft its possible to find positions that the shaft is easiest and harder to bend, the spine can be considered as the hardest position.

The spine will affect how the shaft unloads the stored energy, ie on the down swing. When the spine is poorly positioned the face of the club won’t return back to the address position, resulting in poor performance.

Drivers, fairway woods, hybrid clubs, are designed with curved faces, they curve vertically and horizontally, the curve produces ‘gear effect spin’, which is a corrective spin, so a toe end hit will try to draw curve back on line, you’ll loose distance due to missing the most springy part of the face the centre.

In extreme cases the shafts spine can cause severe blocks, or accentuate a hook, depending upon your swing type, ie a hitter for more of a swinger of the club.

a man swinging a golf club on a golf course
a man swinging a golf club on a golf course
a person playing golf
a person playing golf

Our Process

Our process involves using specialist measuring equipment to check the resistance to bending of your golf club shafts. We then identify the spines location and optimise the orientation for installation using lasers, resulting in tighter shot dispersion and increased distance, new shafts or existing clubs we can align both.

Using a laser we are able to fine tune the best orientation for your shaft achieving the best FLO (flat line oscillation)

Customers can send their own shafts which we will spine align then return with fitting instructions, (if they want to fit there own.)

If your club has a screw on head then we can remove the shaft adapter, spine the shaft then fit the adapter back on, often we can save your grips by careful removal, helping save the costs of new grips.

Maximize Your Golf Game

If you've ever wondered why you hit some clubs better than others, or you've put a good swing on the club only to see a poor result, then you may well be suffering from a poorly orientated golf shaft.

ALL shafts have spines get yours checked by us and we will let you know if yours need doing.

photo of man swinging golf driver
photo of man swinging golf driver

Why Check Your Golf Shaft Spines?

Graphite shafts have higher torque values than steel, as a consequence you'll see a bigger dispersion, particularly as the shafts spine effects the club heads return to the ball.

You'll also see a drop off in distance since you'll not find the middle of the club face resulting in lower ball speeds (smash factor results)

Do you suffer any of the following...

  • Blocked shots.

  • Push fades,

  • Pull hooks,

  • High stalling straight shots,

  • Have to swing hard to make the club work.

All symptoms of a badly aligned golf shaft spine.


We can spine align new shafts or existing clubs.

A small price for peace of mind your clubs are playing at their best.